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Dispelling Myths about HIV/AIDS

Myth # 1 – The HIV/AIDS Pandemic is Under Control & Going Away Many believe that the incredible investment of funds to fight HIV/AIDS and the great strides have been made in effective HIV/AIDS treatment mean the pandemic is under control and waning.    After more than 30 years HIV/AIDS is rarely in the news, which […]

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Promising Innovation to Overcome Treatment & Care Obstacles

In an experimental first, the Malawi government and UNICEF tested the use of drones to explore cost-effective ways of reducing waiting times for HIV testing of infants.   The test, using simulated samples, has the potential of providing a high-speed delivery system for HIV diagnosis.  The week-long test of this innovative approach is intended to address […]

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Celebrating World Malaria Day

Today is a day to celebrate the amazing results of the last 15 year fight against malaria.    World Malaria Day commemorates the date in 2000, when 44 African leaders met in Nigeria and committed their countries to reducing malaria-related deaths. Between 2000 and 2015, malaria mortality has fallen by 60% globally, saving 6.2 million lives.  […]

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