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Celebrating World Malaria Day

Today is a day to celebrate the amazing results of the last 15 year fight against malaria.    World Malaria Day commemorates the date in 2000, when 44 African leaders met in Nigeria and committed their countries to reducing malaria-related deaths. Between 2000 and 2015, malaria mortality has fallen by 60% globally, saving 6.2 million lives.  […]

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Children’s AIDS Fund International Recipient of Allegra FootPRINT Fund Grant

Children’s AIDS Fund International (CAFI) was one of 25 organizations awarded a grant from Allegra Printing in Dulles, VA. The Allegra Footprint Grant is awarded to local charities to help offset the organizations printing costs. This was the first time CAFI has received the award. “Giving is more rewarding than receiving.” ~ John Flynn President, […]

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Dental Project’s Impact is Amazing

The Children’s AIDS Fund International (CAFI) operating under a MAXIMUS Foundation grant, in conjunction with local partner Children’s AIDS Fund Uganda (CAFU), implemented an oral health project for children infected by HIV/AIDS. This project’s impact is amazing. Please read just one of the many letters received from the grateful youth, parents and guardians reached. I […]

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