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Dispelling Myths About HIV/AIDS

Myth # 2 – HIV/AIDS is Not an Issue in the United States In the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we in the United States have been very fortunate to have a government that made HIV/AIDS a primary focus in the epidemic’s early days; relatively easy access to great health care; and widespread availability of […]

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Dispelling Myths about HIV/AIDS

Myth # 1 – The HIV/AIDS Pandemic is Under Control & Going Away Many believe that the incredible investment of funds to fight HIV/AIDS and the great strides have been made in effective HIV/AIDS treatment mean the pandemic is under control and waning.    After more than 30 years HIV/AIDS is rarely in the news, which […]

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Promising Innovation to Overcome Treatment & Care Obstacles

In an experimental first, the Malawi government and UNICEF tested the use of drones to explore cost-effective ways of reducing waiting times for HIV testing of infants.   The test, using simulated samples, has the potential of providing a high-speed delivery system for HIV diagnosis.  The week-long test of this innovative approach is intended to address […]

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