YOU Have Accomplished Amazing Things!

2016-thanksgiving-blog-picture-ver-02During this special season of giving thanks, the Children’s AIDS Fund International wants to THANK YOU for giving health and hope to more than a million HIV impacted children around the world!

One young Ugandan teen expressed how much YOU mean to him:

“Just like the sun does shine in my life, it may not seem enough to compare with you.  You are the sky which keeps watching me over day and night. . . .You took me out of the dark and gave me a hand in the time I had no hope and you kept showing me the path.    I would build you a mountain just to say “thanks”, but it is impossible. . . .   I hope you may live just as long as a tortoise just to extend your kind and loving heart to others [like me] in need.”

YOU have changed the lives of these precious children—one child at a time—by providing medicine, dental care, psychosocial support, school fees and scholastic materials, vocational training, art and sports education, teen support groups, life skills education.  

YOU have helped limit the suffering of more than a million HIV impacted children worldwide through your compassionate, selfless acts.

Additionally, YOU have provided parents and guardians with nutrition education; community gardens; income generating programs like fish ponds, pig and poultry raising, which all enable parents and guardians to better provide for and feed their children.

YOU have done this in many ways:    family, neighborhood and community yard sales; birthday parties featuring HIV-impacted children; small businesses designating one-day’s proceeds; corporate grants; children saving their allowances; volunteering time and expertise.   No matter the gift of time, talent or funds, the result is the same.     YOU have helped limit the suffering of HIV impacted children through your compassionate, selfless acts.

THANK YOU for helping their futures be more secure, healthy and hopeful. . . .and in so doing THANK YOU for helping change the world.

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