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Celebrating World Malaria Day

Today we celebrate the amazing results of the last 16 year fight against malaria.    World Malaria Day commemorates the date in 2000, when 44 African leaders met in Nigeria and committed their countries to reducing malaria-related deaths. Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected […]

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Love is more than chocolates and flowers

Love.  Caring.  Affection.    These are the cornerstones of relationships and what we celebrate on Valentine’s  Day.    In the U.S. we give dinners out, cards, chocolate and flowers to show those we love how much we care.    Thousands of HIV impacted children never feel love, caring or affection, much less on Valentine’s Day. Your gift to […]

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Be a Guardian Angel in 2016

The 6th child in a family of 10 children, there was no money for Lucy to pay the required fees to attend school.    Wanting to help, a compassionate aunt brought Lucy from her rural village to the city.    The idea was that there Lucy could find work as a maid and raise money for her […]

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