Be A Guardian Angel

Be a Guardian Angel

When you support CAFI you become a guardian angel for a child or a family that has been deeply impacted by HIV/AIDS, you can help fight for them, support their treatment and ensure that these children have a fighting chance to grow up.  CAFI has a documented record of using support wisely and making a difference where it counts.

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When you become a Guardian Angel with CAFI you help children like Joy, whose single remaining parent is weak and on anti-viral treatment.   Each day Joy gets herself, her younger sister and a step-sister to school each day. Unlike other children who take lunch at school, these children cannot eat because there is no money to pay lunch dues. After school, she works in the community to raise money for food, medicine, school fees and books, sometimes not coming home until 9 or 10 at night.

CAFI Guardian Angels provide for access to treatment, support for education and hope for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.






When you become a Guardian Angel with CAFI you help children like Segaki. After his mother died when he was 2,  Segaki lived in the village with his grandmother for several years, eventually moving to the city to live with his father and step mother who are without work. But Segaki is not idle. He is focused on helping other vulnerable children in the community. Working with one of CAFI’s partners Destiny Friends International (DEFI), he mobilizes the youth for sports activities. “The challenge that bothers me is these kids have very many needs and I can’t meet them,” he says. After some time I realized that I have to be positive toward my condition in order to change it.” His motto: Hope Against Hope.


Segaki is one of nearly 18 million children around the world orphaned by HIV/AIDS who needs a Guardian Angel himself, even as he is serving as a Guardian Angel for the children in his community 


Be a Guardian Angel this Holiday Season and create a new future of hope for a child who has been deeply impacted by HIV/AIDS. Make a one-time donation, or give monthly.