Board of Directors

CAFI’s Board members bring special expertise in various aspects of the HIV pandemic and are actively engaged in our programs. More than half of the board members have personally visited CAFI program sites in sub-Saharan Africa.

Anita M. Smith, President
Herndon, Virginia

Lisa M. Shoemaker, Vice President/Secretary
Empire, Michigan

Cecelia Cooper, CPA, Treasurer
Aldie, Virginia

Gordon L. Comstock
Global Partnership Director—Supply Chain Management Services
Washington, DC

Franklyn N. Judson, MD
University of Colorado School of Public Health
Denver, Colorado

Robert R. Redfield, Jr., MD
Professor of Medicine –University of Maryland School of Medicine
Division Head—Institute of Human Virology, Microbiology & Immunology
Chief of Infectious Diseases and Director of the HIV Program
Baltimore, Maryland

John Seaman
District Superintendent—Church of the Nazarene
Grand Ledge, Michigan

Elizabeth Seifert
Director Public Policy –GlaxoSmithKline
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Russell Smith, PhD
President—Organizational Communications Inc.
Reston, Virginia

Bruce A. Sonnenberg
President—He Intends Victory
Irvine, California

Jonathan Uy, MD
Senior Director, Medical Affairs—Amicus Therapeutics
Cranbury, New Jersey

I was very glad to be invited to join the board of the Children’s AIDs Fund.  I have known the leaders of this group for more than 30 years.  I know they are doing excellent work both in helping to treat AIDS in Africa and helping to formulate national / international AIDS policy.  The principals of this group have equal personality, character, and technical ability.  They know how to relate well with nearly anyone from persons of humble origin up to heads of state.  And their stature is greatly enhanced by their working at a pay level far below people of equal responsibility in other organizations.
Russell Smith, President, Organizational Communications Inc.

Strategic Partnerships

As a pioneer in HIV/AIDS care, Children’s AIDS Fund provides a unique and long-term commitment and understanding to the challenges that those living with HIV/AIDS face. It is a great honor to be involved in such an organization that truly serves this community and has a desire to make this world a better place. The integrity and faithful leadership of Anita and Shepherd Smith for 25 years is an inspiration. Bruce A. Sonnenberg, President, He Intends Victory

Over the past 25 years, the field of HIV/AIDS has changed dramatically, and CAF has been a part of that journey every step of the way. However, there remain millions of children affected by HIV, so the work is not done. CAF will continue to be a voice advocating for these children. Jon Uy Senior Director, Medical Affairs—Amicus Therapeutics

Financial Accountability

CAFI works very hard to keep overhead low so as much of each financial contribution goes into program as possible. Financial accountability is a top priority. Annual independent audits are conducted by a certified public accounting firm, and as a member of the Independent Charities of America and Children’s Medical and Research Charities of America, CAF undergoes an annual application and approval process which verifies program and fiscal responsibility. CAF is also a USAID registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO).

Our overhead has remained under 10% for administration and fundraising over the last 25 years×


  • Member Independent Charities of America
  • Member Children’s Medical & Research Charities of America
  • GuideStar Exchange Silver Participant
  • Registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) with USAID

Programs that Work

To ensure effective programs, CAFI regularly evaluates implementation and management as well as financial accountability. Whenever possible CAFI collects baseline and quantitative and qualitative outcome data to measure program impact. CAF also provides technical trainings to build the capacity of local partner organizations and staff in areas of governance, grant and program management and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, sustainability, and financial compliance.

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