About the Children's AIDS Fund International

Limiting HIV Suffering for Children & Families

The Children’s AIDS Fund International works to limit suffering caused by HIV disease for children and their families in the United States and around the world, by providing care, services, resources, referrals and education.

classroom with childrenThe Children’s AIDS Fund International’s goal is to limit suffering of HIV-impacted children and families around the globe.    For more than 25 years CAF has modeled compassionate care; promoted public health principles to limit HIV’s spread; advocated development of diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and a cure; and worked to educate, equip and engage people of all ages and from all walks of life to be part of the HIV disease solution.

Our Goal: Limit the Suffering for HIV Impacted Children and Families with Tangible Relief.

Working with local partners in the US and abroad abroad, CAFI supports projects that bring tangible relief to HIV impacted children and families through treatment, care, financial assistance, education, psychosocial support, microenterprise, nutrition, and livelihood skills.

Focused on quality services and sustainability, CAF also provides mentorship and training to build local partner staff capacity in critical areas of program implementation, organizational governance and grant management to ensure successful and cost-effective, donor compliant implementation.

CAFI Was One of the First to Respond to the Crisis.

store - child - family Health 2An early respondent to the emerging spectre of HIV/AIDS, CAFI (know then as Americans for a Sound AIDS Policy) was one of the US government’s first eleven grantees under the “America Responds to AIDS” campaign in the late 1980s, with the mission of educating the faith-based community in the issue.   In the 199os CAFI  conducted a 10 state study of child and family-centered care under Ryan White Title IV program.  In 2004, under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) CAFI implemented a 5-year prevention grant that reached more than 360,000 youth ages 10-24 in Uganda, and managed treatment sites in Zambia, South Africa and Uganda providing care and treatment for more than 60,000 adult and pediatric clients.

Donations from private foundations, corporations and individuals have supported direct services to families such as educational scholarships, nutrition support and housing assistance; building renovations for HIV clinic start-ups; community wide HIV awareness and  youth prevention programs;  support for local, state and national policy makers to develop comprehensive HIV strategies, public messaging and counseling and testing initiatives, and much more.

 Your Donation Can Create a New Future for A Child and Family Devastated by HIV.


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