Working to limit suffering of HIV impacted children and their families for 25 years.

Please join us to end the suffering once and for all as we work together toward an AIDS-Free generation.

Where We Serve

The Children's AIDs Fund International serves families, children and orphans all over the world through HIV Care and Treatment and Prevention, helping Orphans and vulnerable children and much more. The Children's AIDs Fund has specific program focus' in Malawi, South Africa, Russia, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia. Get information about each Program Focus, Key Needs, and find ways that you can help.

State of Children’s HIV

Despite the amazing progress that scientific treatment and care programs have made in HIV/AIDS over the past 30 years, issues remain that we have yet to effectively address. Even now, with treatment programs scaled up around the world and experts heralding the dawn of an HIV-free generation, every day, more than 700 children will be infected with HIV and 500 children will die. Read more about the State of Children's HIV

How You Can Help

Without your help many of the most needy and vulnerable children in the world will die. There is no end to the creative ways anyone – young or old – can help limit suffering of children and families impacted by HIV. CAFI’s work to change and save lives is supported by people like you. As you think about how you can be part of the global solution to HIV/AIDS, please consider some ways that you can help.

The Story Unfolds

A Very Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Love.  Caring.  Affection.    These are the cornerstones of relationships. And this is what we celebrate on Valentine’s  Day.    In the U.S. we give dinners out, cards, chocolate and flowers to show those we love how much we care.    Thousands of HIV impacted children never feel love, caring or affection, much less on Valentine’s Day. Your [...]

Amazing Progress

Unfortunately, it’s not a unique story.    A grandmother caring for grandchildren after their parents have died from HIV/AIDS.    But in this case, the grandmother had two sets of twins in her care. She had no income or means to provide shelter or food for the four children, much less pay for their school fees.  There [...]

Ugandan Youth Thank CAFI Donors

Every week scores of children gather in Kampala, Uganda to learn drawing, film making, baseball and lacrosse.    Each child is either HIV positive, HIV impacted, victims of domestic violence, or are victims of the long war in Northern Uganda.     Whatever their background, all of the children have many needs. Children’s AIDS Fund International’s (CAFI) Ugandan [...]

Be a Guardian Angel to Joy and Her Sisters

You can be a guardian angel to HIV-impacted and vulnerable girls like Joy.    Joy lost her father to HIV/AIDS when she was 8 years old, and shortly after his death her mother started showing symptoms of a similar disease.    At the time, Joy did not know that her mother was living with HIV and already [...]

Help those in Need – Be a Guardian Angel

Daisy lost her husband to HIV/AIDS six years ago.  While she suspected that she had the same disease that claimed her husband, she continued to care for their children. While working on her family’s behalf, she contracted tuberculosis, which left her very weak. Despite the challenges of both HIV /AIDS and tuberculosis, Daisy tries to provide a roof [...]

Be a Guardian Angel this Holiday

“I had lost hope and was doing nothing but roaming around the village,” said Joyce.   The second of three children, Joyce’s mother died from HIV/AIDS when she was 6.  After her mother’s death she lived with her father for a while.  “He never provided any basic needs for us,” she said, “he was drunk all the time [...]

Wishing You a Joyful and Wonderful Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to count our blessings.     And at Children’s AIDS Fund International our friends and supporters are at the top of the list. Why? Without you, the God’s Can Orphan School would not have walls and a roof so the HIV-impacted children in the slum could attend school. Without you, Brian—a young [...]

Be a Guardian Angel

Be a Guardian Angel to young men like Segaki.     After his mother died when he was 2, Segaki lived in the village with his grandmother for several years, eventually moving to the city to live with his father and step mother.  Because Segaki’s father lost his job and is not able to sustain the family [...]

Tribute to a Friend of Everyone Impacted by HIV/AIDS

This week the US Senate and people with HIV bid farewell to a stalwart friend and supporter.     Dr. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been a tireless advocate for people impacted by HIV since his election to the House of Representatives in 1994.   A physician who understands the clinical aspects of HIV/AIDS in a way most of [...]

Getting to Zero – “Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation”

AIDS is a plague – numerically, statistically and by any definition known to human mankind. World AIDS Day—commemorated annually on December 1— is to encourage every individual to be aware of HIV; to understand how to reduce HIV transmission, to ensure that people suffering from HIV/AIDS have equal access to treatment and care, and to [...]

Partners in Service