Working to limit suffering of HIV impacted children and their families for 25 years.

Please join us to end the suffering once and for all as we work together toward an AIDS-Free generation.

Where We Serve

The Children's AIDs Fund International serves families, children and orphans all over the world through HIV Care and Treatment and Prevention, helping Orphans and vulnerable children and much more. The Children's AIDs Fund has specific program focus' in Malawi, South Africa, Russia, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia. Get information about each Program Focus, Key Needs, and find ways that you can help.

State of Children’s HIV

Despite the amazing progress that scientific treatment and care programs have made in HIV/AIDS over the past 30 years, issues remain that we have yet to effectively address. Even now, with treatment programs scaled up around the world and experts heralding the dawn of an HIV-free generation, every day, more than 700 children will be infected with HIV and 500 children will die. Read more about the State of Children's HIV

How You Can Help

Without your help many of the most needy and vulnerable children in the world will die. There is no end to the creative ways anyone – young or old – can help limit suffering of children and families impacted by HIV. CAFI’s work to change and save lives is supported by people like you. As you think about how you can be part of the global solution to HIV/AIDS, please consider some ways that you can help.

The Story Unfolds

Promising Innovation to Overcome Treatment & Care Obstacles

In an experimental first, the Malawi government and UNICEF tested the use of drones to explore cost-effective ways of reducing waiting times for HIV testing of infants.   The test, using simulated samples, has the potential of providing a high-speed delivery system for HIV diagnosis.  The week-long test of this innovative approach is intended to address […]

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Celebrating World Malaria Day

Today is a day to celebrate the amazing results of the last 15 year fight against malaria.    World Malaria Day commemorates the date in 2000, when 44 African leaders met in Nigeria and committed their countries to reducing malaria-related deaths. Between 2000 and 2015, malaria mortality has fallen by 60% globally, saving 6.2 million lives.  […]

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Children’s AIDS Fund International Recipient of Allegra FootPRINT Fund Grant

Children’s AIDS Fund International (CAFI) was one of 25 organizations awarded a grant from Allegra Printing in Dulles, VA. The Allegra Footprint Grant is awarded to local charities to help offset the organizations printing costs. This was the first time CAFI has received the award. “Giving is more rewarding than receiving.” ~ John Flynn President, […]

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Dental Project’s Impact is Amazing

The Children’s AIDS Fund International (CAFI) operating under a MAXIMUS Foundation grant, in conjunction with local partner Children’s AIDS Fund Uganda (CAFU), implemented an oral health project for children infected by HIV/AIDS. This project’s impact is amazing. Please read just one of the many letters received from the grateful youth, parents and guardians reached. I […]

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A Very Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Love. Caring. Affection. These are the cornerstones of relationships and what we celebrate on Valentine’s Day. In the U.S. we give dinners out, cards, chocolate and flowers to show those we love how much we care. Thousands of HIV impacted children never feel love, caring or affection, much less on Valentine’s Day. Your gift to […]

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Providing important oral hygiene to vulnerable children

The Children’s AIDS Fund International (CAFI) operating under a MAXIMUS Foundation grant, in conjunction with local partner Children’s AIDS Fund Uganda (CAFU), implemented an oral health project for children infected by HIV/AIDS. The seven month project (July 2015 to January 2016) was intended to reduce oral dental disease amongst HIV children and improve their quality […]

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Looking for Unique and Significant Holiday Gifts

Browse the wide array of gifts for your consideration at the CAFI online store. Any gift you purchase will provide critical and tangible support for HIV-impacted children and their families. Hand crafts made by HIV-impacted women: Paper Beads Placemats, Table runners and Table Cloths Book Marks Gifts of education and empowerment: School Uniforms and Supplies […]

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Working towards an AIDS Free Generation

As we observe World AIDS Day help us achieve our goal of an AIDS Free Generation

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The Time to Act is Now!

In 2015, we know what it takes to prevent HIV infections and improve the lives of people living with HIV. We have witnessed the success of treatment and care through the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and The Global Fund to Fight HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria and their partners. According to UNAIDS: – […]

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One More Week to Go

Just one week to go until Giving Tuesday, on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 join the Children’s AIDS Fund International and the worldwide community as we celebrate generosity. Join CAFI and be a part of a new global tradition of generosity. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. It’s a simple idea and […]

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